• Customised if you want (variety, cut, level of cooking, packaging).
  • Peeled, washed and produced according to strict internal quality standards.
  • Continuous production.
  • No preservatives.
  • Vacuum-packaged.
  • Certification: BRC.


  • 6mm

Shelf life

Can be kept in closed packaging after delivery*: min. 60 days.
​When opened use within*: 24 hours.


Deep frying  165°C/2-4min.
Boiling 95°C/4-6min.
Steaming 95-100°C/4-6min.
Baking 4-6min.
Microwave 750W/4-6 min.

* Without interruption of the cold chain and continuously cooled between 1 and 4°C.

** Temperatures and cooking times are indicative and can vary depending on personal preference and equipment used. When steaming the steamer should already be at the right temperature (95-100°C).


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