General terms and conditions of sale

Unless otherwise agreed the invoices are payable in cash at delivery, net, without discount and without any withholding. Invoices which are not paid within the set term shall immediately be increased by a 10% late payment interest. This interest will automatically be due without prior notice and in explicit deviation from article 1054 of the Civil Code. To cover any administrative, financial and organisational costs caused by late payments, the buyer shall also have to pay a 10% increase of the amount of the invoice, with a minimum of EUR 50 per invoice. This provision is valid as a settlement between the parties. We reserve the right to suspend any further deliveries if the buyer has not paid fully settled previous invoices. Any complaints about the quality and quantity of the goods shall only be accepted within 48 hours after receipt and insofar as they are sent by registered letter. All our commercial agreements are considered to have been concluded at our offices, at the address stated on this invoice. Only the courts of the district of Antwerp have jurisdiction, specifically the Justice of the Peace of the sixth district of Antwerp, for any disputes, even in case of several defendants, for summons or interventions.