There is only 1 unique Remo-potato

Because they started out as a farmer's business the Van Remoortel family knows everything about potatoes. Remo still has its own potato fields, its own potato cultivation, own storage warehouses, etc. today. It allows Remo to stay tuned to the full potato process, and not only to the potato processing process.

Potatoes are not an easy product. The weather, the region, the soil, the rotation, etc. It all translates into taste.

Remo offers constant quality. Every Remo product is produced and packaged according to strict internal quality standards. However, potatoes are still a natural product and can, beyond our will and despite the best care, show some imperfections. You are always welcome to report these. And we will handle your message with due care.

Other Remo plusses:

The dedication of a family business→
A wide range for each segment→
Without preservatives for genuine taste→
The highest food safety standards→
Flexibility and customisation make the difference→
Constant innovation for an ever improving product→
Local distribution centres for a quicker service→
Sustainability for a more beautiful planet→
An attentive ear and training→