Golden fries the whole year through

  • Unique Remo innovation.
  • Bintje* fries which underwent a unique heat treatment.
  • Several sizes.
  • Remo-Frit+ allows you to serve golden French fries all year round.
  • Due to the quicker cooking times, less energy and fat is needed.
  • With Remo-Frit+ you get more fries servings per kilogram compared to raw French fries.
  • No moisture is lost in the package.
  • Peeled, washed and produced according to strict internal quality standards.
  • No preservatives.
  • Packaged under modified atmosphere.
  • Certification: BRC.


  • 10x10mm
  • 12x12mm

Shelf life

Can be kept in closed packaging after delivery**: min. 10 days.
When opened use within**: 24 hours.


First fry 135°C/4,5min.
Final fry 165°C/3min.

* During the transition period from old to new harvest we follow nature's lead and offer an alternative for the Bintje potato.

** Without interruption of the cold chain and continuously cooled between 1 and 4°C.

*** Temperatures and cooking times are indicative and can vary depending on personal preference and equipment used.

Packaging (5kg)

Packaging (750g)

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